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0.1.13 - weather "cosmetics"

New postPosted: Tue Feb 09, 2010 7:45 pm
by mrcoyote
Overall, 0.1.13 is looking great!!

Just wondering about a minor cosmetic thing right now in the weather though.. and this may vary from device to device - I'm only looking at it on a Storm, so I'll leave it up to you:

when looking at the forecast screen, it would be more cosmetically appealing if the date with the high/low temps are on one line and the weather conditions on the next.

Right now it appears to "wrap" onto two lines:

Tue: High -3C., Low -7C. . Snow


a quick look at tuesday gives me my high temp and showers - so I do a double take to notice "snow" on the end of the line.... more appealing to me would be:
Tue: High - 3C, Low -7C
Snow Showers

another example:
Fri: High -5C, Low -11C. . Partly Cloudy

Fri: High-5C, Low -11C
Partly Cloudy

You've squashed the bugs, now I'm going to get nit picky over little things -- hope you don't mind!!

p.s. bonus points if you made the "Versatool VT" logo in the top right of weather link to the main VT screen!
(same idea if you did this across the other 'tools' like alarms, unit conversion, etc).

Re: 0.1.13 - weather "cosmetics"

New postPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 10:12 pm
by marwatk
Thanks, these should be in 0.1.14, let me know if not. (except for the link, that's on my todo list).