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Issues with automatic podcast downloading

New postPosted: Thu Aug 12, 2010 12:39 pm
by therealjoeblow
Not sure if it's a bug, but certainly unexpected behavior IMHO:

Until yesterday, I was using 2.9.9 on an OS5 BB8330 with an 8gb SD card that I only had around 300mb of free space on for podcasts. So portions of my configuration were as follows:

-downloaded episodes to keep = 4
-max to auto download = 0
-delete after listening = no
-download more after delete = no

Using these settings, all of my downloading and file management was manual - when I was done listening, I had to delete aone or more podcasts to make room for more; then download new ones by manually selecting them. That worked fine, albeit manually.

Now I've got a 16gb SD card with heaps of space for podcasts, so now I want to keep more episodes onboard, and simplify things by automatically download a new one each time I finish listening to one, so I changed my settings as follows:

-downloaded episodes to keep = 10
-max to auto download = 1
-delete after listening = yes
-download more after delete = yes

I figured that this should get me one new episode every time I finish listening to one and it automatically gets deleted; and if I already had episodes on the machine, it would keep up to 10 of them.

But that didn't work. What it *immediately* did when I saved these settings was it queued up a whole batch of episodes to download, not just one as I expected (I forgot to count them exactly, but I believe it queued 6 new ones, trying to fill the gap between the 4 I had previously specified an the 10 I changed the "keep" setting to.

Should this not have done what I expected and just got me one new episode when I deleted an existing one? If not, can someone please tell me what I did wrong and what setting to change to do so?

Many thanks,
The REAL Joe

Re: Issues with automatic podcast downloading

New postPosted: Fri Aug 13, 2010 8:51 am
by marwatk
So the trick there is that 'Download more after delete' tries to keep your 'Downloaded Episodes to Keep' number at all times, instead of just replacing deleted ones. The rational here is that you said you want 'to keep' that many, to potentially listen to them that far back, so I figured you may want to start that now, instead of later. I can change this behavior, though, if people think it would make sense to...


Re: Issues with automatic podcast downloading

New postPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:47 am
by Tim
Hi Marcus,

this behaviour also confused the hell out of me...

I set the max to keep to 100 (because I want to control what is going to be deleted).
And I set the the max to download to 4, because I want to get 4 automatically downloaded.
And I set download more after delete to yes, because I wanted a deleted episode to be replaced by a new one.

Now, after I deleted the first episode, It downloaded a 100.

I would recommend changing that.