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Deleting media

New postPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:53 am
by Bionic Man
I used PT w/BB Bold (not touch screen) for years and now just switched to a android Bionic. The software is pretty different for the touchscreen. One thing I can't figure out is how to delete an episode after I listen to it. W/the BB I used to just delete it. However, w/the touchscreen/android I don't see how to actually delete media. I would think that you long hold an episode and then when the menu comes up delete would be an option, but its not.

Anyone know how to MANUALLY delete media from PT?

Re: Deleting media

New postPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 10:48 pm
by cadzilla74
Open the Podcast in question. Long press on the Podcast Episode to remove. Pop up menu should have an option to Mark Listened or to Delete Episode among other choices. If not, update PodTrapper to the Beta 3.0.21 here instead of Market version 3.0.6 I think it is. I have mine set to delete episodes as they finish. Sometimes they end with a few seconds on the clock. I just long press and choose Mark Listened and it's gone and PT starts downloading the next one if there are any for that Podcast.

Re: Deleting media

New postPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:51 pm
by Bionic Man
Thanks, I will try the other version because there is not that option to delete in my current one.