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Podcast Update over Desktop

New postPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 7:01 am
by andi4ever

I´m not sure if the download over desktop function isn´t established for android or if I didn´t find it.

I want to download my podcast through the internet connection of my computer. The software HTC-Sync is installed, the phone has full access through the internet through my computer. I can surf on websites, download an receive emailes. Only Podtrapper didn´t update the podcasts and in the footer line appears the message "Out of coverage".

I also activatet all download options, over WiFi, Cellular and in the advanced section all is yes (usb, bes, bis, tcp, wap2). What did i wrong?

Without plugged cable everything is fine and I like yout app. Could you please give me al litle help?

kind regards

HTC Desire S
Android: 2.3.5
HTC Sense 3.0
PodTrapper 3.0.6