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old episodes keep popping up

New postPosted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 2:30 pm
by tadc
Hey there - I use podtrapper 3.0.6 on my Blackberry, and I have an annoying recurring problem.

Certain podcasts will sometimes, seemingly at random, have old episodes come up as "new", repeatedly. It seems like it's often the same episode: for example, one that came up recently (about a month ago) and has many times in the past is this one:

from this feed:

Another feed that seems to frequently have the same problem is:

It's not a case of them re-running old episodes... if you look at the feed, that episode doesn't appear in recent history.

Another possible clue, if I change my view to "view deleted", the episodes do not appear in chronological order.

Is there some way to "reset" the database for that podcast? I've tried deleting and readding but it doesn't seem to help.