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Road trip test result, and new use case for keyboard

New postPosted: Tue Dec 02, 2008 1:48 am
by mcnock
Just got done with turkey day road trip playing blackberry through car stereo.

1) What worked. Program download and updated two subscribed podcasts correctly OTA. 2) I could listen, and pause playback with space bar, as people talked to me while driving. Concentration not affected. Stopped for phone calls. Much like stereo. East to read display both day and night. Easy to pause/restart day night. Nearly perfect. (much easier than ipod)

2) What was missing. I wanted to fast forward through a boring part. With the current trackball, i found moving the track ball to the correct ff or rr grahical buttons while driving tricky, and then clicking ball repeatadly, did not feel safe. Made wife nervious as it took eyes off road.

If 2 is a vaid use case for this product , the F key for fast foward 1% and R key for fast reverse 1% would look to solve the problem well. Finding and clicking the F key repeatedy with the backlite blackberry key board is very easy to do using only perifial vision. No differnt that adjusting car stereo.

I am trying to be help full, but concerned I am sounding pushy. Your product is so near ideal, I am selfish about getting the last bugs I need!

3) Error. I notied the left click menu would sometimes stop showing. Shutting app down and restarting fixed it.

4) Error 2. I noticed shut down problems, and once got the program to be running twice. I could hear podcast playing twice! Could not kill the background phantom one. Had to restart blackberry.

Re: Road trip test result, and new use case for keyboard

New postPosted: Wed Dec 03, 2008 1:02 am
by marwatk
Hi mcnock,

Thanks for the feedback!

What I'll probably do for the 30 second skip is use the enter key on the main playing screen, and add the 'F' key to all screens. That may not be what I end up with, but I'll play around with a few options and see what works. I'll add a reverse shortcut as well.

Don't worry about sounding pushy. I'm a firm believer in that if 1 person speaks up about an issue there are 10 or 20 that have the same issue but just aren't saying anything, so I'm happy to fix them :)

3) I've noticed that too, and put code to fix it (or try to, since I don't really know what's causing it, I'm using the built in RIM menu code) in version 1.0.11, are you using that version or later and still saw it? (If so I'll have to keep digging).

4) That's a new one for me, I revamped the exit code in 1.0.11 to prevent stuff like that (I had some problems exiting occasionally as well), so I'm hoping that you're using a version prior to that for this case as well. :)

You can check the version in the 'About' screen from the main menu. Let me know which you're at, and if it's lower than 1.0.11 upgrading to the latest should fix 3) and 4), otherwise let me know and I'll keep investigating.

Thanks again for the feedback, I'm glad it worked for you on the road trip!


Re: Road trip test result, and new use case for keyboard

New postPosted: Thu Dec 11, 2008 4:01 am
by marwatk
Hi mcnock,

I added keyboard shortcuts for fast forward and rewind. Use the top left letter key on your keyboard to rewind, and the top right letter key to fast forward. (They actual letters on the keys will vary by device).

The left click thing should be fixed. Can you let me know if you see it again?

Shutdown is also fixed, can you also let me know if you see further issues there?

(These notes refer to version 1.1.2).

Hope you're still enjoying it!