Feature voting

What is this?

A few of my awesome users wanted a way to pay more for PodTrapper via a donation link or similar. I didn't like that idea (something about it doesn't sit right with me), but I think I've come up with a compromise.

Users are coming up with new feature ideas much faster than I can implement them, so I try to prioritize them based on how cool they'd be, or how many users would like it, or how easy they are to do, etc. This means some get done really quick, some are still waiting.

So, this is my attempt at killing a large number of birds with a fewer number of stones: Allowing users to pay to prioritize features higher than they would be otherwise

How does it work?

The donation link at the bottom of this page doesn't hard code any dollar amount so you can pick whatever you want, and before submitting the payment it will ask you for details on the feature[s] you'd like to see.

I'll take the feedback and make an effort to get the highest features done first. Depending on the response, I'll post the results of the priorities here each weekend. (This will also help keep me honest).

The features themselves can be anything from simple additions you'd like to see made to PodTrapper or SuperProfiles, or new apps you'd like to see done properly (if not pretty).


There are some things that just can't be done (headset controls, etc) due to limitations in the BB OS. Maybe RIM will set up a similar feature where we can pay to get that implemented :)

If something can't be done, I'll give you the opportunity for a refund.

This may get totally more effort than it's worth, and may be shut down at any time (note, though, that I'll still prioritize based on input I've recieved up until then).

A donation won't necessarily mean that I stop work on everything else to get your feature done, but I'll try to give it the highest priority I reasonably can.

This seems totally fishy.

Yeah, it's kind of a leap of faith, but hopefully if you've read the forums you know I'm good for it. And remember, this is totally optional. I'm not going to stop developing because people don't use this.

Note: The todo list at the bottom of the changelog contains a lot of features I have on my list already, though some have been there a while (and they're not in any order other than in my head). See there if you want to get an idea of the stuff I am working on

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