Enable / Disable features

Enable / Disable features

New postby ticonderoga on Sun Mar 07, 2010 8:15 am


Loving the app so far... Was wondering what type of footprint this app has running in real time.

Personally i would love the option of enabling or disabling certain applets in the program. Example... I have no need for canned messages, and would prefer not to have that menu option show up...

Also, I would love a new applet that will let you remove other programs menu hooks in items... Example.. Vlingo adds like 3 or 4 menu items to my messages menu.. I would like to remove those, because i have no need for them.

if you need a beta-tester or someone who will truly try and help you make your product better. Let me know.

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Re: Enable / Disable features

New postby marwatk on Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:21 pm


The only part of versatool that's ever running constantly is the key listener, and I've made every effort to make that as clean and simple as possible.

Other than that it's never performing any action unless invoked by an event, and even then every effort is made to make sure no unecessary work is done. (This is actually fun for me to do :) ).

Ideally versatool should have near zero battery impact, unless you're actively using it a lot (taking pictures, alarms, etc, since those are all doing stuff).

I've actually looked into that, and I don't think it's possible. I thought of another approach, though, so I may look at it again in a few weeks after I have some other stuff nailed down.

My betas are always public (http://ota.versatilemonkey.com/versatoolbeta/), and actually listed in the 'Settings' applet. (Though that's not automatically updated yet, and I sometimes forget to manually update it).

Let me know if I can answer anything else for you.

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