Struggling to fully migrate BB -> Android

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Struggling to fully migrate BB -> Android

New postby land on Sun May 22, 2011 5:19 pm


I've read the (apparently) excellent help available here and elsewhere that seems to explain how to migrate from BlackBerry to Android, but I'm not having great success. Maybe someone here can help.

Please forgive the length of this post: I'm trying to give you everything you need to understand the situation.

I've been using PodTrapper on BlackBerry for several years, so I have a lot of back episodes of some of my favorites. I have several dozen episodes of each of several shows.

Of particular importance to me are 17 episodes of This American Life ["TAL"] (10 "new", 7 saved because I liked them so much). This show is only downloadable during the week immediately after it airs, so there's no way for me to get those back episodes other than from my BlackBerry.

The following two points may be important to understanding the troubles I'm having getting all those episodes of TAL to move over to the Android device.

* Before I thought of trying to port the old BlackBerry content over to my new HTC Evo, I installed Podtrapper on it and entered my license number (I was very pleased and surprised to discover that I didn't have to buy a new copy: Thanks, VersatileMonkey!) which had the effect, I think, of creating the default folder at /sddrive/podtrapper.

* I manually added the podcast URLs that I enjoyed on my BlackBerry, and updated and listened to several of them for about a week. Meanwhile, so that I can give my BlackBerry to a friend, I was listening to the old episodes on it in order to get "caught up" on those shows. I realized that I would never finish listening to them before it became time to hand over the phone, and that I wanted to keep some of the "old" shows, so decided to try to migrate the BlackBerry shows to the Evo.

I did the following steps (some of them more than once), trying to get the Evo to show the same episodes (played and unplayed) as my BlackBerry:

1) On the BlackBerry, exited PodTrapper.

2) Mounted the BlackBerry as a drive on my Mac and dragged the folder "podtrapper" to my Mac's hard drive.

3) Mounted my HTC Evo as a drive on my Mac and dragged the folder "podtrapper" to it (replacing the "podtrapper" folder already on the Evo). This took about 15 minutes because there is more than 2GiB of stuff there.

4) Tried to use menu > settings > general setting > restore from back up to select the most recent backup from the BlackBerry. I ended up with about half of the episodes of TAL, and what may have been a similar amount of the other shows.

5) Thinking that the problem may have been that there's no way to *exit* PodTrapper on Android, so the "podtrapper" folder may have been corrupted during the copy, I changed the storage folder to something other than the default. This triggered a lengthy time of copying files on the Evo from the old to the new storage folder.

Stupidly (I now think), I chose /sddrive/mnt/tmp (or something like that). The copying process (within Podtrapper) may have caused the phone to spontaneously reboot several times. I don't know if that was the cause, but it did reboot a couple of times on the day I was moving the data, including once during a phone call.

6) Dragged the podtrapper folder onto the Evo again, replacing the (now, I thought, un-busy) default folder.

7) Changed the storage folder back to "podtrapper" and tried restoring from backup with the same results — about half the files are there.

8) Completely deleted Podtrapper from the Android phone.

9) Dragged the files from the Mac to the Evo again (this is getting quite tiresome).

10) Reinstalled Podtrapper Beta 3.0.21 from

11) Used menu > settings > general setting > restore from back up and selected the backup "2011_05_22" (which was the most recent listed). This took a suspiciously short time to complete, and when I went to the main screen, zero podcasts were listed. I think that backup is something created by launching Podtrapper in an existing folder?

12) Used menu > settings > general setting > restore from back up and selected the backup "2.6.7" (which I'd also done in one of the earlier attempts, ending up with about half the shows) and ended up with about half the shows.

That's where I am stuck: I don't know how to get it to show all 17 episodes of TAL (10 new) as well as others.
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Re: Struggling to fully migrate BB -> Android

New postby marwatk on Mon May 23, 2011 3:52 pm

So the ones by date are from the latest betas (.20 and .21). If you were running that on your BB, that should be the latest. If you weren't, then those would have been generated on the android device.

In the BB folder you backed up, do you see any PT_B_* files? If so, what's the latest version listed in them?

You should be able to do this:

Uninstall android beta. Delete all PT folders on android SD card. Copy BB folder to /sdcard/podtrapper (so you should have the file /sdcard/podtrapper/PT_B_x.x.x.dat). Install PT for android (latest beta). It should pop up a box saying that there are backups (if not, no biggy). From there try to restore using the latest version present in your BB version.

The potential risk is that the backup was relatively old. Older versions of PT would only backup the data when PT was closed via Menu -> Exit. (New versions do it daily).

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