Files OK to delete from SD Card?

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Files OK to delete from SD Card?

New postby cadzilla74 on Mon Sep 14, 2009 9:35 pm

I'm using FileScout. I'm troubleshooting/cleaning my SD Card as I've mentioned in a previous thread about Vodcast playback errors.

Anyways, Marcus ... SDCard/BlackBerry/podtrapper directory. I'm running PT 2.1.21 right now. Can I whack the PT_B_xxx.dat files except for PT_B_2.1.21.dat? Is there any harm in deleting the BBThumbs.dat file from that directory? As far as I know the Storm should recreate the BBThumbs.dat file and there have been problems reported where if that file is messed up it can cause Media Player issues.

Please let me know. I'll leave the files alone until I hear back from you. Thanks.
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Re: Files OK to delete from SD Card?

New postby marwatk on Tue Sep 15, 2009 7:59 pm

Yep, you're safe to delete any PT_B_xxx files earlier than the current version. You can actually delete the current one too, if you want, it will just get regenerated the next time PT exits.

The BBThumbs file is fine to delete as well, though it will also get regenerated the next time the phone reboots (I think).

Let me know if I can answer anything else.

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