Add folder based files to a playlist other than "default"?

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Add folder based files to a playlist other than "default"?

New postby jpjpjp on Thu Sep 15, 2011 9:12 pm

I have an audiobook that I've been able to add to my PT which is really handy. I don't like manually having to start playing each episode though and would like it if I could add a few files to a playlist so they would play one right after the other.

In my case I already use the "default" playlist for queuing up some daily news podcast that I listen to each morning. Does anyone know if it's possible to put files that PT found by reading a folder into a playlist other than default? So far I haven't figured it out. "Add to Playlist" while browsing the folder puts the file in the "default" playlist. There doesn't seem to be any menu option to "move to a different playlist" from the default playlist interface. I can change to the alternate "audiobook" playlist and choose "Add/Sort Playlist" but this interface only allows me to select actual podcast folders (and not folders that I added by choosing the Browse Folder option).

I could of course rejigger my use of the "default" playlist to be for the audiobook and have my daily news podcasts move instead to a custom playlist. It just nags me that I can't figure out a way to move my folder based files to a playlist other than default. PT is so elegant and over the years i haven't found much it can't do. I can't help but think this is operator error on my part!

Any ideas?
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