IMPORTANT: Android PT skips when resuming from interruption

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IMPORTANT: Android PT skips when resuming from interruption

New postby JayAaroBe on Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:39 pm

NOTE: This problem did not exist when I used my paid-for full-version Podtrapper (PT) on my BlackBerry. But now that I'm using PT on Android (Droid Bionic), this horrible problem exists.

This is important b/c I use Podtrapper (PT) every day and this issue is constantly causing me aggravation.

In the settings there is the ability to "Rewind After Unpausing", but this only works when I manually pause it. So I've tried to use this setting in every way possible, but to no avail.

The problem: when listening to something in PT, if I get a text message or email or any kind of notification, PT stops, then resumes (everything good so far), but alas it has skipped a few seconds, as if it was still playing while the interruption came. This may not seem like a big deal but think about it: you're exercising, riding your bike, driving, or whatever, and listening to pod every time a notification comes like a text message or whatever, PT stops, the notification sounds, and PT resumes playing, but it's a few seconds forward from when you last heard. So now you have to dig your device out of your pocket, unlock it, go to PT, and rewind so you can hear what you missed during the interruption.

Go ahead and call me a crybaby, but you try listening to something and have to do this over and over and over, see if you don't feel like throwing your device in anger. It's borderline dealbreaker. I love PT so much that I hope this gets fixed so I don't have to use another player (don't forget that even though a customer has already paid, their recommendation to other people can steer them towards or away from purchasing a product).
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