Blackberry - won't recognize encrypted backup files

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Blackberry - won't recognize encrypted backup files

New postby Bulldawg9908 on Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:23 am

I'm running 3.0.20 and recently had to re-load my BlackBerry OS. After reinstalling 3.0.20, I could not restore a recent backup from the SD Card. Some very old backups were given as options to restore from, but none of the recent backups.

The files I was given an option to restore from were PT_Backup_2011_11_XX.dat. My podtrapper folder contains a bunch of other (newer) backup files PT_Backup_2011_12_XX.dat.rem. These "rem" files are renamed with an "rem" extension becuase they are encrypted. Podtrapper will not recognize these "rem" files as valid backup files, so they are useless to me.

I did have a backup on BBDM which was fairly recent, so I didn't lose a lot, but I'd like to be able to use these SD Card backups in the future. How can I make use of them? Encryption is not something I can disable, so when the file is created by PodTrapper, it is encrypted, and if PodTrapper won't see these rem files as valid and try to read them, I might as well just disable backups.
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