Best (i.e. most effective) way to restore from a PT backup

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Best (i.e. most effective) way to restore from a PT backup

New postby EliezerB on Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:09 pm

In this thread:
"AB" was very helpful to help me get a backup restored. Since then, I've exchanged that (Motorola Electrify) Android device for a different one (Samsung Galaxy 2). Before returning my "old" phone, I copied the entire "podtrapper" folder with the backups and episodes to my PC. So I now want to restore that to my new device. I'm having trouble getting it to recognize the backup. I placed the entire folder in the location that PT is defaulting to for the storage location. When I chose the most recent backup, it seemed like it was working, but then it displayed zero feeds and zero episodes. I tried it again and it erased the entire contents of my mega-folder from the memory card.

So I copied the mega-folder back to the phone again. It displayed a Java (NegativeArraySizeException) error:
There was an error restoring your settings. PodTrapper will now exit.

This is about 5 GB of files. I really don't want to have to go through all the episodes again to figure out what I've listened to already and what I haven't.

Is there any way to salvage what I've got? Any suggestions, please???...

Thanks very much!
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