Bit map size exceeds VM budget

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Bit map size exceeds VM budget

New postby iron on Mon Apr 02, 2012 6:28 pm

I recently changed from a blackberry to an android phone. I'm now using version 7 for the android. I added around 20 new podcasts (I had about a dozen already), and everything was fine as podtrapper began updating and downloading the show listings.

Then it crashed and continues to do so. The error message it gives flashes by so quickly just before the force close message pops up that I had to shoot video of it and go frame by frame to read it. The error is:

"There was an error staring up. Java Lang outofmemoryerror/ bitmap size exceeds VM budget."

I've shut down everything I can to free up memory but no luck. I'm assuming one of the new podcasts has an image that is too large to be displayed. I can't get the app to launch to remove the new podcasts. Any way to locate and manually edit the file that contains podcasts and or their settings?

Thanks in advance.
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