Blackberry Auto Advance Playlist

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Blackberry Auto Advance Playlist

New postby WakkoBlues on Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:53 pm

Hello there, first a quick thanks for this software. I use it every single day and could not live without it. I've bought it for both my phone and my wifes and think it is fantastic, you've thought it out so amazingly well!

Anywho.. my issue is this..

I've set up the auto playlists to auto-add my podcasts of different genres to their own playlists (ie: Comedy, Tech, News, etc)

Well the problem is... if I then decide to play a single episode on its own (As I only use the playlists when working) it will then advance to the next podcast in whatever playlist the initial podcast is in.

This means that I can no longer just play a single episode while also having my podcasts sorted into autoplaylists. I've looked all around many times and do not see anything in the options to control this. I am using the latest Blackberry Beta and do not recall having this problem when using the previous beta versions.


(p.s. Many podcasts are auto-added to mutliple playlists (Favorites AND Comedy, etc)
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