Do you want these exciting features in Podtrapper?

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Do you want these exciting features in Podtrapper?

New postby neverquit on Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:59 am

I just started using Podtrapper and like it very much.

Although the podcast features are fabulous, I've been using the app mainly to listen to mp3 files. Unfortunately, after each file in a playlist has been played, it gets removed. So I would have to add it again to re-listen to it. This takes a lot of time because I have to search through hundred of songs to find the ones I want to include to each playlist.

I've asked the developer, Marcus, to implement these features...

1. The option to keep the files in the playlist after listening or to remove them.
2. The ability to add more than one file at a time to a playlist.
3. Able to sort files by title or in random order.
4. Allow searching for files and adding one, several, or all to a playlist.
5. Can repeat play any or all the files in the playlist.

Marcus said if enough users want to have some or all of these features, he will implement them. So, if you want them, please let him know.

If you want everything, write "Marcus, I also want all of these features in the next update."

If you want only specific items, state, "Marcus, I want #1, #2, and #5 (or whichever features you want) in the next update."

Please state your desire after reading my post instead of a later date.

Thank you.
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Re: Do you want these exciting features in Podtrapper?

New postby arkolbus on Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:51 pm

You can submit these ideas in the "Feature Request" forum, then people can use the voting mechanism that's already in place.
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