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The edit podcast screen has two uses:

  • To edit settings for all new podcasts, accessed via Settings -> New Podcast Settings (or Default Podcast Settings, for version 2.0.1 and earlier)
  • To edit settings for an individual podcast, access via the main screen menu under 'Podcast Settings' (or Edit Podcast for version 2.0.1 and earlier)

Note: The nature of some options means that some are displayed in some cases and not in others.



This is the feed url for a podcast. It can only be edited if the feed hasn't yet been retrieved successfully. This should be the RSS feed for a podcast. The easiest way to find podcasts is using the Podcast Browser.


Some paid podcasts require a username and password that is provided when you pay for the podcast. Most podcasts will never need these, but they are here for those that do.


Here you can enter comma separated tags for a podcast. This will group the podcasts into that tag on the home screen, presenting a consolidated view of episodes across all podcasts with that tag that you can drill down into. A podcast can have many tags.

Downloaded episodes to keep

This determines how many episodes will be kept downloaded on your device at one time. It defaults to 4. This means that if PodTrapper automatically downloads an episode, and that episode brings the total downloaded for that podcast to a number greater than 4, PodTrapper will automatically delete old episodes to bring the total down to this number. It will try to delete listened episodes first, and will always start at the oldest.

Max to auto-download

When PodTrapper updates a podcast it will see some number of new episodes (or not, if there are no new episodes available). When most podcasts publish episodes they only publish one at a time, but some publish a week's worth of episodes all at once. This setting sets the maximum number of episodes that PodTrapper will mark for download in a given update.

For example, NPR's Science Friday podcast generally publishes 3-4 episodes all at once every Friday, one for each topic they talked about. If I had set 'Max to auto-download' to 2, only 2 of those new episodes would be marked for download. The rest would still show up in the list, but would require manual downloaded (via the reDownload menu item).

This is most important for new podcasts, where when updating it will see the full list of episodes as new.

Setting this setting to zero means that no episodes will be downloaded automatically.

Impersonate iTunes

Some podcasts will only serve media files to the iTunes desktop client. This option configures PodTrapper to pretend to be iTunes when talking to the remote server, allowing some of these downloads directly to PodTrapper.

Download order

This setting configures how PodTrapper chooses to download new episodes when needed. The two possible cases for downloading new episodes are that you have deleted a file and 'Download more episodes after deleting' is set, or new episodes were detected in the feed.

There are three possible settings for the order to download in PodTrapper: New episodes, oldest first: This setting will download new episodes when they are available, up to the 'Max to auto-download' number, starting with the oldest new episode detected. For example, if a podcast publishes a 2 hour podcast in sets of 30 minute files, this setting will download the first 30 minute file first (the oldest in the feed). New episodes, newest first: This setting is similar to the previous, but the download order is newest new episode first. In this case, if there have been multiple episodes published in the latest retrieval, the newest will be downloaded first. Old episodes, oldest first: This setting is useful for audio books delivered as podcasts, where you'd never want to hear the newest published episodes before listening to the oldest. In this situation newly published episodes will never force the deletion of old episodes that haven't been listened to.

Download Types

Some podcasts publish multiple types of files in their podcast, for example both audio and video, or audio and a pdf companion, etc. This setting controls what media should be allowed to download for this podcast.

Allow downloads over wifi / Allow downloads through desktop / Allow downloads over cellular / Only Download when Charging

These settings are equivalent to the settings on Download Settings Screen but apply only to this podcast. The setting 'Use Global Setting' will apply whatever is set on the Download Settings Screen to this podcast, any other setting will override what's set on the Download Settings screen for this podcast only.

Playback priority

This settings is used when sorting playlists. It can be set per-podcast and can be the same as other podcasts. See Playlist Screen for details.

View order

This determines which order this podcast should display on the main screen. Podcasts are first sorted by this number, then by name.

Match duplicates by

This settings determines how PodTrapper determines that an episode being examined during an update matches a previously seen episode. Most podcasts are fine with the default setting of URL, but vary rarely setting this to Title can help if PodTrapper is seeing episodes as the same or different when they shouldn't be.

Delete after listening

This setting controls whether PodTrapper should auto-delete episodes after they are no longer the 'Last Played' and are greater than 95% listened.

Download more episodes after deleting

If enabled this setting will make PodTrapper attempt to keep as many episodes as your "Unfinished number to keep" after you've deleted an episode. After deleting one, PodTrapper will mark the newest undownloaded and undeleted episode for download.

Auto add to playlists

This setting controls whether this podcast should have its episodes automatically added to the selected playlists when they are finished downloading.

Update Frequency

This setting allows you to set the frequency PodTrapper will attempt to update this podcast. Note that this is also dependent on your Download Settings. PodTrapper will never use a download mechanism you haven't enabled, so updates can only occur when the ones you have enabled are available.

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