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PodTrapper includes a built in podcast browser that has a large (30,000+) list of podcasts.

You can access this on the main screen by choosing the 'Add Podcasts' menu item and choosing 'Browse/Search'.

This will launch the BB Browser pointing at the podcast list at VersatileMonkey.com

From there you can browse the categories, or search for specific podcasts. Since there are so many podcasts it's best to try to be as specific as possible when searching. For example, a search for 'money' yields 480 results, but a search for 'marketplace money' returns only 8. It's easier to start specific and loosen the criteria if necessary.

Once you've found a podcast you want, click its 'view/subscribe' link. From there you can see episode details. If this is the one you want, hit the menu and choose 'Subscribe to Podcast' (BlackBerry), or choose the 'Subscribe to this Podcast' button (Android). This will add it to your PodTrapper podcast list.

Note for BlackBerry: If you leave the browser at any time, the 'Subscribe to Podcast' menu item will disappear. Simply return to PodTrapper and choose 'Browse/Search' again to bring it back.

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