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VersaTool contains a few features that I think are valuable, but that RIM provides no official mechanism for actually accomplishing. This means I have to rely on undocumented or unofficial API calls to make them work. As a result, I can't guarantee that they'll work on any given device, work on new phones, or work on different OS versions. But, instead of not including them at all, I label them as 'unofficial'. That way you can use them if they work on your device. They are totally unsupported, though. I'll try to make them work now and going forward, but I can't guarantee anything. This bears repeating:


I only mention this because I don't want you to feel shafted if RIM ever takes them away or they don't work on your device and I can't work around the changes (though I will try). I don't advertise them for this reason, so just think of them as perks of VersaTool while they're there. I am working to try to get official APIs added for these features, but don't hold your breath :)

The current unofficial features are:

  • Flashlight
  • Standby (Device Action)
  • Reboot (Device Action)
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