BlackBerry App World Registration Issues

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The App World is new for everyone (even RIM), and so far they haven't gotten a test environment set up, so all of us developers are pretty much flying by the seat of our pants with it, and unfortunately it's you the user that's paying the price.

If you didn't receive a registration code when you purchased via the app world, you should be able to look it up by following these instructions:

  • Open the App World
  • On the App World main screen, choose the bottom right icon "My World"
  • Inside "My World", open the menu and choose "Log in"
  • Enter your log in information
  • The App World will say something about reconciling your information
  • Click the PodTrapper item in My World
  • Look for this:

File:App world reg code.jpg

If you don't see that, you can either let me know, or RIM (though I'll have to get in touch with RIM as well)

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