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The General Settings (Main Screen -> *Menu* Settings -> General Settings) screen allows you to change some PodTrapper settings that don't fit into specific categories.


Run when blackberry starts (BlackBerry only)

Determines whether PodTrapper should start when your BlackBerry first boots

Play/Pause Icon Switches to PT

This controls whether the key configured to play/pause in the Keyboard Settings brings PodTrapper to the foreground if it is in the background (note it cannot unlock the device).

Disable thumbnails

Thumbnails are pretty, but they consume a lot of the precious little resources available on your phone. If you're experiencing a lot of hourglassing this is probably why (assuming you have more than a handful of podcasts). Disabling thumbnails can noticeably improve your berry's health.

Allow anonymous stats

This setting controls whether PodTrapper will upload anonymous data about your subscribed feeds to VersatileMonkey.com for use in generating top 10 lists and similar for the podcast browser. The information sent looks like this:

<Random string>|<Feed URL 1>|<Feed URL 2> ...

The only things sent are a random string to allow each device to be counted once and the urls of the feeds you subscribe to. A feed published in this manner will never result in that feed getting added to the podcast browser (so internal or private feeds are safe).

Advanced Info Display

Normally PodTrapper displays the number of episodes that are new or partially listened as 'Ready', and those that are in the processing of downloading or won't be downloaded as 'Not Downloaded'

This setting allows you to switch that to a string that looks like this:

1N 2P 1F 1DL 28NoDL

  • 'N' are the number of new episodes (downloaded but unlistened)
  • 'P' are those you've partially listened to
  • 'F' are those you've finished listening to
  • 'DL' are those in the process of downloading
  • 'NoDL' are those that won't be downloaded

Minimum font size

This allows you to configure the minimum font size that PodTrapper will use in any case (most notably inside the progress bars).

Menu Items

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