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Screen Information

This screen shows you the list of episodes for a given podcast. It can be configured to show episodes in various states. It defaults to showing episodes that haven't been deleted (whether they are downloaded or not).

The progress bar below each item indicates its current status:

  • Not Marked For Download - This episode won't be automatically downloaded, download it via the '[re]Download episode' menu item
  • Waiting to Download - This episode is queued for download and will be downloaded when it gets to the top of the queue
  • x% Downloaded - This episode is in the process of downloading (note it may have been interrupted due to coverage issues, but it will be resumed)
  • x% Listened - This episode has finished downloading and is ready for listening (or has been listened to)

Deleted episodes (if shown) will be dim and indicate that they have been deleted in their subtitle.

Menu Items

  • Common Menu Items
  • Change View: Determine which episodes are visible
  • Update Podcast: Forces an update of this podcast's feed
  • Update and Sort: Forces an update of this podcast's feed and resorts the episodes by how they appear in the feed
  • Podcast Settings: Allows for adjustment of podcast settings via the Edit Podcast Screen
  • Email Podcast: Allows you to email the details of this podcast to a friend
  • Invert sort: Inverts the current sort of the episodes (useful for deleting episodes in different order)
  • Download All Episodes: Mark all episodes currently visible for download

When an item is selected (or by pressing and holding on an item on touch screen devices):

  • Toggle Preserved: Marks an episode (as indicated by the lock icon) such that it will never be automatically deleted by * Add to playlist: Adds the highlighted item to the playlist

PodTrapper. It also prevents it from being counted in the calculations to determine when to download new episodes

  • View Episode: Shows details for the highlighted episode
  • Play: Play this episode
  • Download Episode: Marks an episode for download, resumes a partial download immediately, or allows for an episode to be completely redownloaded (in the event of a corrupt file)
  • Mark Listened: Mark this episode as completely listened to
  • Email Episode: Allows you to email the details of this episode to a friend
  • Delete Episode: Deletes the highlighted episode
  • Delete Below: Deletes the highlighted episode and those below it (according to current view)
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