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Canned Responses Main Screen

Canned responses allow you to reply with preconfigured text or insert text into replies you are editing. There are two ways to get text into a message.


Reply with Canned Response

Message List Menu

A menu item is added to your message list view labeled 'Canned Response'. Choosing this menu item will bring up the Canned Responses you have configured allowing you to use one to start your message.

Create Message from Canned Response

This option also allows you to import any existing message as a Canned Response, useful for initially setting up your responses. (You can compose them on a computer, email them to yourself, and import them into VersaTool).

You'll notice that you can also select to start a 'Blank Reply'. This is useful for preserving attributes from the original message, like the Subject and Sender that can be embedded into Canned Response text. Starting a message with the normal 'Reply' menu item doesn't preserve these attributes for VersaTool.

Otherwise you can select any of your Canned Responses to start the message with.

Insert Canned Response into a Message You're Already Editing

Insert Canned Response Menu Item

After you're editing a message it's still possible to insert Canned Responses. Simply position your cursor to the place in the message you'd like to insert text, open the menu and choose 'Insert Canned Response'. This will bring up your Canned Responses allowing you to insert it at that current position in the email.

Editing Canned Responses

Canned Responses Main Screen

Canned responses can be organized into folders, as shown in the example responses that are pre-built in VersaTool. Clicking a folder will navigate into it, and clicking a response will take action based on what you're doing (inserting into an email, editing, etc)

Canned Responses Main Menu

You can use the menu to create, edit and delete canned responses, or create folders.

Editing a Canned Response

Each canned response has a name and folder that it will show up as when choosing a response. Clicking 'Choose' for the folder will allow you to select a folder. Once you have navigated to the folder you want you must use the menu to 'Select Current Folder', since clicking only navigates them.

The subject field determines what this Canned Response should use as the subject. If left blank VersaTool will insert "Re: <previous subject>" as the subject. Note that this only applies to new messages (started via the 'Canned Response' item when viewing your message list). The subject will not be altered when inserting text into a message you're already editing.

The main text area below the subject determines what text will be used to start the message or inserted into the existing message.

Embedded Responses

VersaTool's Canned Responses allow you to create complex reusable messages by embedding Canned Responses into other Canned Responses. For example, you could have a 'Closing' Canned Response that you insert into many Canned Responses, and when you edit 'Closing' it will automatically apply to the others that include it. See the example Canned Response for an example of using embedded responses. You can insert an embedded response inside the response you're editing by opening the menu and choosing 'Insert Embedded Response'.

Special Responses

VersaTool comes with two special responses that can be inserted into messages or embedded in other responses. Both of these responses require knowledge of the message you are replying to in order to function. (This means they only work when started from the 'Canned Response' menu item when viewing your message list).


The Subject built in response allows you to insert the original message's subject as part of the canned response.

First Name

The First Name built in response allows you to easily insert the recipient's first name into your response. When encountering this response VersaTool will examine the original email and attempt to determine the sender's first name. It will then pop up a dialog with the probably matches allowing you to select which is actually the first name. This allows you to insert the first name without worrying about scrolling to find it, spelling it right or dealing with capitalization on a BB keyboard.

Testing a Response

While you're editing your response you can initiate a test which will apply your canned response to a fake test message so you can ensure your embedded responses make sense and flow together to form a cohesive message. You can test your response by opening the menu and choosing 'Test'.

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