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PodTrapper has two built in methods for backing up and restoring its settings.

Backing up and restoring via the Desktop Manager

This is the easiest and most reliable way to backup and restore PodTrapper settings.

PodTrapper includes support for backing up and restoring via the BlackBerry Desktop Manager (BDM). When you back up via the BDM, a new item will appear in the backup selection window after PodTrapper is installed labeled 'PodTrapper Settings'. On some versions of the BDM this won't be checked by default, make sure you check it when backing up.

Restoring works the same way, in the list of databases will be 'PodTrapper Settings' if you chose to back it up.

PodTrapper's built in backups

Every time you fully exit PodTrapper (via menu -> Exit) the last thing PodTrapper does it write out its settings to your SD card. This is less reliable than the BDM method above, since PodTrapper has no way of knowing if the data was committed to the SD card, and it has no way of knowing if your current settings are better than the last backup which means it may overwrite good data with bad, so it's recommended to use the BDM scenario above if you're able to plan ahead. Obviously, for device failures and similar issues, this is not an option.

If you suspect you may need to use this mechanism, before beginning the restore it's recommended that you back up all of the PT_B_* files in your PodTrapper storage directory on your SD card (these contain the backup data) so that if it doesn't work on the first try and you inadvertently exit PodTrapper with bad data (which overwrites the backup) you can restore the backup set and try again.

If you do need to restore from this backup data, load PodTrapper (it will generally be blank), go to settings -> General Settings. From there a menu item (by hitting the menu key) for 'Restore from backup' should exist. It will present you with the backups it has. Choose the one that matches the version you want to restore from (it stores one file per PodTrapper version).

PodTrapper will then exit. After restarting verify that your data is present. If not, try to backup again from the same backup, or an alternate version's backup. DO NOT exit PodTrapper via the Menu->Exit method until you have valid data. This will overwrite your good backup with a bad one (unless of course you have a copy of the relevant PT_B_ file).

If you are still having trouble restoring, contact me.

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