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Sometimes stuff crashes or does other bad things. Unfortunately there's no way for me to automate the process of getting details on a crash to me. Here are the steps for gathering crash data and sending them to me.

From your BB Home Screen, Hold ALT and Press LGLG (keep holding alt while pressing all 4 keys)

Or, if you're on a storm: Tilt your BB into portrait mode and bring up the keyboard. Hold the ALT key (!?123) until it locks, then type ",5,5"

That will bring up the log screen.

In there you should see an item in bold, you may have to scroll a bit. It should say something like:

S Java Exception - IOException

Note that IOException can be any type of exception, like ClassCastException, RuntimeException, etc.

Click on that item, which should bring up details. It should say the name of one of my apps in there. If it does, you've found the right one.

Now hit the menu and choose 'Copy Event'.

Finally, start a new email to [email protected], or use one of the 'Email Developer' buttons in my app, and paste the event into the body.

Thanks for helping me track down the crash!

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