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What has happened? Why is HoneyDew now asking me to log in?

HoneyDew has changed! Now you can sync between BlackBerry and Android, and soon iPhone and web clients! And it's free to use! Though you can pay a small ($0.25/month) fee to get HoneyDew 'premium' which removes ads and allows end to end encryption. (Previous paid HoneyDew users will get a free year of HoneyDew 'premium' if they use the same email address as they used to purchase.)

Because there's no way for BlackBerries to talk directly to Androids and vice versa, it's necessary to have a intermediary. That's where the new HoneyDew comes in. It uses a backend server to facilitate the communication. That takes infrastructure, which takes money, hence the new fee/ad structure.

The first time you load the new HoneyDew you'll be asked to log in. You can create an account for free, simple click the 'Create Account' button. Enter your email (to get a free year of HoneyDew 'premium' as a past HoneyDew user enter the email you used to purchase the old HoneyDew), and choose a password. Note that you'll need to enter this same email and password on all devices you'd like to sync with, so don't use a password you don't want your sync partners to know.

After that, click 'Create Account' again and you're all set. HoneyDew will work almost exactly as it did before, except now you can sync with more than 2 devices (as many as you want, actually), and you can sync with different device types.

Why do I say 'almost'? The new version will no longer instantly notify you of changes that sync partners make. It's periodically checking in the background, but it won't be instant. (Though it does check every time you run HoneyDew itself, so if you have cell-service where you shop it won't matter much). I'm working on instant notifications, but it's likely going to be a paid-version-only feature.

I hate this, where's the old version?

The old version of HoneyDew is still available for those that previously purchased. You can download it here:


This will still work for completely peer-to-peer BlackBerry syncing for those that have previously purchased, but I won't be selling new registration codes for that version.

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