HoneyDew Sync Troubleshooting

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If you're having trouble syncing, there are few things to check.

0. Try rebooting both phones.

You'd be amazed how often this works. (Just pull the batteries from each, wait 5 seconds, then put them back in.)

1. HoneyDew must be installed on both phones.

You can always install the latest version from here: http://ota.versatilemonkey.com/

2. HoneyDew requires that an email address be configured on each phone.

It doesn't matter if you use it, or get email to it, or anything other than it's configured. HoneyDew will never actually use the email account, but HoneyDew can't access the folder system for receiving PIN messages if there's not an account configured.

Note: After wiping your phone, doing an OS upgrade, or switching phones your email account may not be configured anymore. You will know that you have email associated on your phone if you have a mailbox icon that has that email as the icon name. If you do not have that then you need to go to email settings and add an email. If you see your email address(es) there then you need to delete them and re add them. (Thanks to forum user billybaldin for this tip).

3. Make sure PIN messages aren't blocked by your BB firewall

This can be configured in the Security/Firewall section of the main BlackBerry settings.

4. Make sure the PINs are configured in HoneyDew's settings screen

Each partner should have the other phone's PIN listed in it's settings.

5. Turn off 'content protection' in the security settings for your BB

I'm not sure why this one breaks stuff, but some users have reported it does.

If these fail to fix your problem, try grabbing a copy of the latest beta: http://ota.versatilemonkey.com/honeydewbeta/

It has features that will try to tell you what's wrong with the sync. (When it first starts up after a battery pull, it will display a message that a sync has occurred, but clicking the details on it will display information about why a sync did not occur).

Finally, if all else fails, contact me via the 'Email Developer' menu item inside HoneyDew. If you do need to contact me, determining which step in the process it's failing would be helpful:

1. On the phone that is sending the message, an outgoing PIN message should show up in your messages folder.

2. This message should eventually show a checkmark with a 'D' next to it to indicate delivery

3. On the phone receiving the message, the PIN message should show up as an incoming message (message icon instead of checkmark)

4. The receiving phone should automatically either delete or mark the message read (depending on setting in HoneyDew)

5. HoneyDew displays the 'splat' to show that it has an update

6. HoneyDew pops up a message indicating that there are new updates

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