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Currently Desktop Downloading is only available on BlackBerry

The Desktop Downloader allows you to download episodes through your computer without the need for wifi or even a data plan for your phone.

It acts as a proxy that PodTrapper can use to access the internet. With the desktop downloader it's possible to download episodes without ever communicating over the cellular network.

You can download the desktop downloader at the normal download site from your PC. Once installed it can be configured to run on startup. From then on, any time your BlackBerry is connected to your PC via USB PodTrapper will use it to download episodes. No other configuration is necessary (other than ensuring you haven't disabled desktop downloading inside PodTrapper).

The desktop downloader can't be used to preform any actions inside PodTrapper, however. It's only used by PodTrapper for network communication. All interactions are still performed on-device inside PodTrapper.


The desktop downloader requires the BlackBerry Desktop Manager be installed on the PC.

Mass storage mode must be off for the desktop downloader to function properly

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