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Keyboard shortcuts are sprinkled throughout PodTrapper.

Most screens have a shortcut to get to them, usually visible in parenthesis in the menu item to get to that screen.

Here's a list of the others:

  • A: Add highlighted to current playlist
  • Alt+A: Add highlighted to another playlist (via popup)
  • T: Move to top of list
  • B: Move to bottom of list
  • Space: Play current selection or toggle pause if current selection isn't an episode
  • Enter: Same as trackball click
  • Click trackball on episode progress bar when viewing details: Play or pause
  • Del: Delete episode/podcast
  • Alt+Del: Delete something permanently
  • D: View downloads
  • N: View playlist (or switch playlist on playlist screen)
  • G: Download highlighted episode (some screens)
  • L: Toggle preserved
  • C: View last played

  • Top left key (q,w,#,!): Rewind lots
  • Top second to left key: Rewind a little
  • Top right key (o,p,@,.): FF lots
  • Top second right key: FF a little
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