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Auto Stop

To prevent pocket resumes of podcasts at inopportune times, Auto Stop prevents normal media keys from resuming playback after 5 minutes of inactivity. You can still resume via the widget (Android) or via any of the real play/pause methods inside the app. This setting only affects generic media keys like bluetooth controls.

Show files in Media Player

By default PodTrapper attempts to hide its files from the media player. For me there's nothing more annoying than shuffling songs, being in the middle of a playlist, and having a podcast get thrown in the mix. Setting this to 'Yes' allows the media player to see PodTrapper files. Note: It's not currently possible for PodTrapper to specify meta data in the files such as Artist, Title, etc. Therefore whatever shows up in media player is up to the publisher of your podcast, which may or may not be accurate or useful.

Pause videos when not displayed

This setting controls whether videos should be paused when they are no longer visible (if another application has focus)

Buffer Playback

This setting enables a playback mode where PodTrapper acts as an intermediary between the file being played and the BB media player that's playing it. In this mode PodTrapper attempts to keep the BBMP happy by keeping a cache of the file in memory at all times. On some phones this can help prevent SD card issues from causing premature termination of playback, and other issues. It also helps tremendously with streaming playback (playing an episode while it continues to download).

PodTrapper will attempt to detect which mode is best for your phone, but if you're experiencing playback issue it may help to toggle it.

Bluetooth Control Help (Android only)

Some Android devices (HTC Sense in particular) rewrite bluetooth control handling using non-standard calls. This setting attempts to listen for those non-standard mechanisms.

Rewind After Unpausing

This setting tells PodTrapper to rewind the podcast by the specified amount after a resume from pause. This allows you to regain context after a phone call or other long interruption.

Keep setting output mode (BlackBerry only)

Some phone models and OS versions can lose track of where they are supposed to be directing audio. This setting helps keep them in line.

No: Only set the output mode when starting playback and resuming from pause Only When Necessary: Check the output mode every few seconds to ensure it's correct (minor battery impact) Always: Force the output mode to be set continously throughout playback (more battery impact?)

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