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General Playlist Information

PodTrapper maintains internal playlists that allow you to automatically add and sort new episodes, so once your playlists are configured you should never have to mess with them again.

On the playlist screen there's always a default playlist, but you can create new ones via the 'Create Playlist' menu item. You can also switch and delete playlists in the menu.

Also on the playlist screen the 'Add Episodes' menu item will bring up a screen allowing you to define your sort criteria for the playlist and which podcasts you'd like to add to it. When adding episodes, podcasts that are set to automatically add to this playlist will be checked already, additionally you can specify more or less than these by adjusting the checkboxes. When adding to the playlist, episodes can be sorted by these items:

  • Podcast Name
  • Episode Date
  • Playback priority - Configured in the 'Edit Podcast' settings in each podcast
  • Episode order - The top episode in a podcast is 1, the next is 2, etc. Deleted episodes aren't included
  • Episode order w/deleted - This is the same as episode order, but includes deleted ones when coming up with the number to assign
  • Percent Listened
  • Episode size (bytes)
  • Episode title
  • Random

Episode order probably needs the most explanation. Here's an example: If you have two podcasts, each with two new episodes, sorting by episode order will place the newest episodes from each podcast before the second newest episode of either podcast. That way you can be sure that new episodes always show up at the top of the playlist.

'Last Played Episode First' allows you to force that the episode you haven't finished listening to yet ends up at the top of the playlist.

Hitting the menu item to 'Add Items' will then search for matching episodes and sort them into the playlist. If you have 'Keep playlist sorted' set in this playlists settings screen then any time you add a new item to the playlist it will automatically re-sort the entire playlist according to the last used sort settings (each playlist maintains its own sort settings). And, if you have this playlist set in a podcast's settings 'auto add to playlists:' (via 'Podcast Settings' when a podcast is highlighted on the main screen), newly downloaded episodes will get automatically added to the playlist, and the playlist will re-sort, so you should never have to touch it again and can always go to the playlist you want and start playing.

Playlist Settings

Available in the Edit Podcast menu item.

  • Auto Sort: Determines whether the playlist is resorted (according to last used sort settings) any time items are added
  • Reset Listened when Adding: Allows you to add items already played by resetting their listened status if listening is already complete
  • Auto Repeat: When an item is finished listening, it will have its listened status reset and be added to the end of the playlist (not very useful if auto-sort is enabled)

Menu Items

  • Common Menu Items
  • Play Next: Skips the current item, removing it from the playlist, and moves to the next item in the playlist
  • Play Next (reQueue): Moves to the next item in the playlist, placing the item currently playing back in at the top of the playlist
  • Play Next (Delete): Moves to the next item in the playlist, deleting the episode currently playing
  • Quick Add: Adds all episodes according to last used sort settings and inclusion settings
  • Add /Sort Episodes: Opens the dialog to configure sort settings and optionally add more episodes
  • Select output: (BlackBerry only) Allows you to route the audio to the method of choice (Bluetooth, Speakerphone, etc)
  • Edit Playlist: Allows you to alter playlist settings (auto-sort and name)
  • New Playlist: Allows you to create a playlist
  • Switch Playlist: Allows you to switch playlists
  • Delete a Playlist: Allows you to delete a playlist (except the active one)
  • Empty Playlist: Removes all items from current playlist

When an item is selected (or by pressing and holding on an item on touch screen devices):

  • View Selected: Opens the details for the highlighted item
  • Move Item: Allows you to manually move the position of an item, after selecting use the trackball to click where you want to place it
  • Remove Selected: Removes an item from the playlist. (Holding Alt while pressing delete also allows you to delete an episode from the device)
  • Remove and Delete: Removes an item from the playlist and deletes the episode
  • Toggle Preserved: Prevent the episode from being automatically deleted
  • Play/Pause: Toggle play/pause for current item
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