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Purchasing for BlackBerry

When purchasing PodTrapper you should receive a Registration Code (or Activation Code, or License Number, depending on the service used). They're all the same thing and should consist of an 12 digit alphanumeric number like this: 123456789ABC

Some purchase mechanisms should auto-supply the code to PodTrapper the next time PodTrapper is started (you can restart PodTrapper via the Menu->Exit item), but most require that you enter the code manually inside PodTrapper. This can be done from the main screen by opening up the menu, then choosing 'Settings'. From there, choose the 'Registration Settings' screen. You can enter your registration code here.

If you have any issues, definitely let me know via the 'Help / Support' menu item inside PodTrapper.

Switching between BlackBerry devices

The new 12 digit registration codes should work on any BlackBerry, but only one at a time.

If you previously received an 8 digit registration code, that code was tied to the device you purchased it for. You can generate a new 12 digit device-agnostic code by visiting the switch device page.

Switching from BlackBerry to Android

Registration codes generated for BlackBerry should continue to work on Android devices, but purchases made via the Android Market cannot presently (and may never) be used on BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry App World

BlackBerry App World Registration Issues


If you purchased via my web site (thanks!), in some rare cases the registration code emails don't send properly. In that case you can use the lookup page to look it up. Put in your paypal receipt number (the number in the form nnnn-nnnn-nnnn-nnnn), your PIN, and make sure to enter the text that appears in the image, and it should be able to look up your code for you.

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