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This screen allows you to configure where PodTrapper stores its files, and how much space to leave free so it doesn't use all available space.

Also see PodTrapper Common Issues#Where does PodTrapper store its files?

To move where PodTrapper stores it's files use the menu option to "Change Storage Folder". It'll ask you where you want to move them to, highlight where you want them to go, hit the menu, and choose 'Use this' Or 'Select', depending on which is visible. Then, the next time PodTrapper starts up, it'll move everything over to that new folder.

'Max episodes to read from feed' determines how many episodes PodTrapper will pretend are in the feed in the case a Podcast has many episodes. Some podcasts publish thousands of episodes which would quickly overwhelm the memory on some older BlackBerry devices. This setting controls the maximum that PodTrapper will read. Note that PodTrapper always looks at half this number at the top of the feed and half at the bottom to facilitate subscribing to podcasts that publish in both directions. For example, if this number is set to 100 and the Podcast publishes 500 episodes, the top 50 and bottom 50 will show up in the feed inside PodTrapper.

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