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Home Screen Bookmarks Main Screen

Home Screen Bookmarks (HSB) allows you to create icons on you BB Home Screen that can perform any action VersaTool is capable of.

It's worth noting right now that newly created bookmarks will show up in whatever home screen folder you have configured for new apps to show up (generally 'Downloads'). You can then move them anywhere you like.

The HSB main screen will show your currently configured bookmarks, clicking one will allow you to edit the target of that bookmark.

Home Screen Bookmarks Menu

The menu offers actions to add, edit and delete bookmarks. It also provides two methods for repairing icons if they are ever lost (due to OS or VersaTool upgrades). Refresh Icons will make sure the HSB is showing the current icon, while Reinstall Launchers will uninstall and reinstall the launchers to ensure they are working properly. If they are ever missing from your home screen this is the easiest way to fix them.

Edit Bookmark

Inside the bookmark you can configure any of the actions VersaTool supports. The icon will attempt to represent the action you've chosen.

Security Issues

Install Message

Because of the security present on the BlackBerry platform it's necessary to give proper permissions to each launcher. VersaTool will attempt to do this for you, but if an icon isn't showing up properly you may need to click it to invoke the permissions dialog. It will give you instructions on what to perform if such action is necessary.

Shortcuts to Adding Shortcuts

VersaTool Main Screen Menu

There are two places where useful shortcuts are present to facilitate adding bookmarks to your home screen. The first is on the VersaTool main screen's menu. Here there's an item to 'Add to Home Screen' which will create a home screen bookmark for the highlighted applet.

Browser Menu Item

The second is in your browser. This will allow you to create a Home Screen Bookmark to any website, and optionally include a search term.

Google Search for "puppies"

To create a search term, use the browser to search the site you'd like to be able to search later, noting the term you used. Then invoke the 'Home Screen Bookmark' item in the browser menu.

Add HSB From Browser

This will bring up a special window that will allow you to select the search term from a list. Find the term you entered, select it, then populate a name. Now your bookmark will allow you to enter a search term before opening the browser.

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