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Auto Reply Main Screen

VersaTool's Auto Reply works in conjunction with Canned Responses and allows you automatically respond to incoming messages with a Canned Response when the incoming message matches criteria you set up in the Auto Reply.

Auto Reply's main screen shows your currently configured replies, with an X indicating they are disabled, or a checkmark if they are enabled.

Editing an Auto Reply

Editing an Auto Reply

An Auto Reply consists of a name, the Canned Response to use, message types to match, and the criteria it should use to match incoming messages.

You can choose a Canned Response by clicking the 'Choose' button and navigating like you would to insert a response into an email.

For Message Types you can select any combination of SMS Text Messages, Emails or PIN messages.

You can choose whether you want to send any auto reply only when a message matches every criteria you enter, or if it only matches any of them.

Match Criteria

Match Criteria

You can specify any number of match criteria for an Auto Reply. Use the menu do edit or delete a given criteria, or the button to add a new one.

Editing Match Criteria

You can choose the field to match and what type of match (contains, is, does not contain, etc) and the text to match against.

NOTE: When matching against the From or To fields it's generally only possible to match the address portion (the email address, phone number or pin), typing a name isn't always available in the incoming message and may result in not matching a given message.

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