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HoneyDew Login Screen

Android Login Screen

Wondering why HoneyDew is asking you to log in? Click here

This is the first screen you'll see when starting HoneyDew for the first time. If you haven't created an account yet, you'll need to do that first.

Creating an Account

Click the 'Create an Account' button. This will add a 'Confirm Password' entry box. Now just enter your email address and a password. Note that the email password combination you choose will need to be shared with all devices you choose to sync with, so choose a password you're comfortable sharing with those you'll be linked to. It is safe, though, to enter the password for them on the device, it cannot be recovered once successfully logged in.

Creating an Account

After entering your email and password, click 'Create Account' again. If all goes to plan you'll be taken to the add items or list screen and you can start using HoneyDew

Notes about creating an account:

  • Your email address is *only* used for password resets/changes and will never be sold or rented for any other purpose. In fact, if you don't care about resetting your password, you don't have to enter your real email address. (Just don't lose your password and make sure you pick a good one from the start)
  • You'll need to enter the same email/password combination on all devices you'll be syncing with
  • Once entered on a device, your password cannot be read again (it is never reversibly stored.) You're safe using a password that you don't want the device owner to know as long as you enter it yourself and make sure the login is successful

Logging in

If you've previously created an account, you can simply log in. Enter the email and password you used to create the account and you're all set to use HoneyDew.

Forgotten Password

If you forget your password or want to change it you can click the 'Forgot Password' button on this screen, or the 'Change Password' button from the Settings Screen. Because the HoneyDew server never sees your password, changing it requires two steps. In step one HoneyDew will send an email to the address you use to log in. This email will contain a code that can be used only once and only for 30 minutes to change your password. Once you receive this email and code, go back to HoneyDew and click 'Forgot password' or 'Change Password' again. This time a new set of boxes will appear asking you to enter the code, and a new password (twice). Once complete your password will be changed, and devices with the old password will revert to the login screen the next time they are started. You'll need to enter the new password on every device.

Notes about changing your password:

  • If you have encryption enabled, changing your password will prevent access to your server-side data. There are no exceptions, and not even the NSA could get it back (unless you used a weak password.) If you still have a copy of the data on your device (which is not encrypted, by design), you'll simply push a new encrypted copy and all will be well. If you don't, there's no way to get it back.
  • If you don't use your reset code within 30 minutes, simply request a new one

Working Locally

If you don't want to sync with other users, you can bypass the login altogether by choosing 'Work Locally'. Note that this setting is not retained, and is generally only for when the password has been changed and you're not aware of the new password yet. Changes to the local list will not be replicated to the server until you've successfully logged in.

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