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The Keyboard Settings screen allows you to define some behaviors of your BlackBerry's keyboard with respect to PodTrapper.

The first three sections of this screen allow you to configure the behavior of the mute button (on the top of the berry) and the two convenience keys. The first section allows you to configure what they do when the phone is locked or holstered (note that only the mute key works when holstered), the second section is when the phone is unlocked but PodTrapper is in the background, and the third is for when PodTrapper is in the foreground.

After the key settings there are settings to configure how far the various seek keys should seek. (See Keyboard Shortcusts for details on how to use keys for these).

Android Settings

Because most android devices don't have physical media buttons, PodTrapper offers a few workarounds to help you control media more easily. (And don't forget to use the widget!)

Camera Button Play/Pause (when unlocked)

This setting allows PodTrapper to use the camera button (sometimes press and hold) to toggle playback.

Power Button Double-Press Play/Pause

This allows PodTrapper to treat a well timed double press of the power button as a play/pause button, even when the device is locked.

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