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Title Bar

The title bar has up to three bars on the top left signifying:

  • Orange: Battery life remaining (BlackBerry only)
  • Blue: Volume (PodTrapper specific, BlackBerry only)
  • Green: Free space remaining in podcast storage location

Next to that is the time, followed by the PodTrapper logo and the title of the screen you're viewing.

File Playback / Browse Other Files...

When starting PodTrapper for the first time one of the only visible items in this list will be 'Browse Other Files...'. This allows you to play and bookmark any media file on your device. Clicking this item will allow you to browse your SD card and internal memory, playing back any files or allowing you to add them to the playlist. When viewing folders you can access the menu for that folder to create a link to the folder on this screen.

Podcast List

After you've added a podcast you'll see it here. Podcasts are ordered by name by default, but this can be adjusted via the 'Podcast Settings' context menu and altering the 'View order'. Items with the same view order will sort by name, otherwise view order takes priority.

A podcast entry will show the title, thumbnail if any, and the text displaying how many episodes are downloaded but not finished listening to (Ready), and those that haven't been downloaded (Not Downloaded).


Hitting the menu button on this screen presents these options:

  • Common Menu Items
  • Update All: Same as Update Podcast, but for all podcasts
  • Add podcasts: Allows you to add a podcast via the podcast browser or entering urls manually
  • Settings: Shows the settings screen
  • Download File: Allows you to utilize PodTrapper's large file downloader to download any url to your SD card
  • About: Shows the about box for help and registration details
  • Change View: Toggles the display between viewing all podcasts and viewing only those with episodes to listen to
  • View Downloads: Shows the Download Screen

When an item is selected (or by pressing and holding on an item on touch screen devices):

  • Add To Playlist: Adds all ready items to current playlist (see Playlist Help)
  • View Episodes: Equivalent to clicking the item, displays the currently selected item
  • Update Podcast: Forces the podcast to be checked for updates if downloading is currently available
  • Podcast Settings: Allows for adjustment of podcast settings via the Edit Podcast Screen
  • Delete Podcast: Deletes a podcast and all episodes
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