Things You Probably Didn't Know PodTrapper Can Do

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Output to Bluetooth

This section applies to BlackBerry only, Android devices should do this by default

When viewing a playback screen (the screen with the playback control icons) you can hit the menu and choose 'Select Output' for sending to various different output mechanisms. All stereo and most mono headsets should be compatible (depends more on the phone than the headset).

Automatic Playlist Management

PodTrapper can manage your playlist totally automatically once you set up priorities for your podcasts. Then you can always just start the top episode on the playlist knowing you'll hear what you want to in the order you want to hear it. No more manual selection. Check out the Playlist Screen Help Page for more details.

Video Podcasts

PodTrapper can play any media your device can support, including video. The formats allowed depend on your phone model, not all models will support all video.

Download Any File

PodTrapper has to do some crazy things to download large podcasts over the cellular networks. The same crazy downloading can be used to download any large file using the 'Download File' menu item from PodTrapper's main screen.

Convenience keys

This section applies to BlackBerry only

You can assign the convenience keys to do just about anything you want for PodTrapper (including the mute key on the top of the phone). PodTrapper has separate configurations for when PodTrapper has the focus, when it's in the background, and when the device is locked. See the Keyboard Settings screen for details.

Run on Start

This section applies to BlackBerry only

You can configure PodTrapper to run on startup as of version 2.1.20. For you quickpull users this means no more restarting PodTrapper after every reset.

Backup/Restore PodTrapper Settings

If you ever find yourself looking at an empty list of podcasts after a device switch or OS upgrade, fear not! See Backing up and restoring PodTrapper settings

Customize Your Download Transports

This section applies to BlackBerry only

Hidden in the menu on the 'Download Settings' screen is an 'Advanced' option that will let you select and deselect individual transports like your carrier network, BIS or your corporate network.

Apply Podcast Settings to Many Podcasts

Any time you're editing a podcast's settings, hitting the menu and choosing 'Apply to Many' will allow you to apply settings from that screen (some or all) to some or all podcasts you subscribe to. Makes editing a lot of podcasts a snap.

Add to any Playlist

Holding 'Alt' while pressing the shortcut for adding to a playlist will bring up the 'choose playlist' window to allow you to add it to any playlist.

Preserve episodes

Using the 'Toggle preserved' menu item (or the 'L' key) will prevent an episode from being auto-deleted ever. That way you can hang on to an episode you may want to listen to again later.

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